Remember Use-up November? Well it’s use-Up daily in my Household ? I posted a Picture of my overloaded pantry back then -JESUS it was a lot. But I am getting there ? That’s how this recipe came to life! Using up stuff I have kicking about like nut meal…

This is an easy, no-bake recipe which will require about 20-25mins. It’s a recipe you can variate, and I will give you some ideas and the end of this blog entry!

For now, this is what I whipped up this afternoon! You need:
  • 15 juicy dates (or soak them overnight if they are hard as bricks like mine were) // 15 weiche Datteln
  • 100g walnuts // 100g Walnüsse
  • 50g coconut shreds + 50g hazelnut meal // 50g Kokosflocken & 50g Haselnuss-Fülle
  • 2 Tbsp coconutoil // 2 EL Kokosöl
  • 1 tsp cinnamon // 1 TL Zimt
  • Cocoa powder or similar to coat the pralines // Kakao oder ähnliches zum einrollen
Instructions // Anweisung
  1. Combine alle ingredients except for the last one. Blend in a mixer or similar. Put the finished homogenous dough in the fridge for 10minutes. // Kombiniere alle Zutaten, bis auf das letzte, mixe/püriere alles fein zu einer gleichmäßigen Masse (ich habe einen Stabmixer verwendet). Der fertige Teig kommt dann 10min in den Kühlschrank.
  2. Form little balls and roll it in the cocoa. // Forme kleine Bällchen und rolle sie in den Kakao oder ähnliches!

VARIATION: I got bored of the cocoa so I used cinnamon, vanilla cookie protein powder and rose petals! // Ihr könnt statt Kakao auch Zimt oder andere passenden Gewürze verwenden. Protein Pulver klappt auch!

If you fancy trying these out, let me know and tagg me on social media @hollywilkinsonofficial & #hollysticeats. I will feature you on my Instagram and might even add you to my blogposts as a Testimonial ❤